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Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?
Shared, loving engagement of carers and babies through the use of movement and positive touch. It enhances the emotional bond with our child as we learn to handle our babies with confidence as well as exercise, get back into shape, play and relax together. It builds the foundation of creating a child who loves to be active and confident through physical exploration.

Why Baby Yoga?      It helps to:
  • open hip & knee joints
  • stretches & strengthen muscles
  • develop baby’s balance
  • massage and stimulate internal organs
  • relieve intestinal tension (prevents colic and constipation)
  • improve baby’s circulation and immune system
  • develop emotional & cognitive experience.
Class Format 
  • Welcome ritual
  • dry baby massage
  • warm up and Yoga stretches for Mum
  • exercises for both mother and child
  • baby postures linked with exercises aiding mothers’ postnatal  recovery
  • relaxation to balance activity and rest
  • goodbye ritual
What do I need?
Comfortable clothes for exercising, warm blanket for baby, Yoga mat if you have one.

How much does it cost?
£ 8.00 for a trial session, thereafter £40 x 5 sessions
If a session is missed, the prepaid fee can be carried forward to the next class (no more than 3 weeks).  When baby gets closer to out-grow the lessons, you can pay as you go.

Yoga Babies are
Happy Babies

About the teacher
Babs, mother of two, trained at Birthlight with Françoise Barbira Freedman & Uma Thurman and has taught hundreds of babies and mothers over the years. Being a Mum herself, Babs fully understands mothers’ and babies’ needs and provides a safe, nurturing environment to spend quality time together, get back into shape and meet other Mums. 
Above all - she loooves babies - and babies love her!

What people say:

'We thoroughly enjoyed the baby yoga sessions we did with you and it helped Poppy and me immensely in those early months'

Baby Yoga Class Schedule

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