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Vinyasa Yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga?
A dynamic style of Yoga, based on classic Yoga postures such as Salute to the Sun. The easy-to-follow sequences practised with energy and enthusiasm can be very challenging and will help you become physically fitter, mentally more alert and emotionally more balanced. Alternatives are offered for all levels throughout the class and students are encouraged to practise at their own pace.

Why Vinyasa Yoga?
Coming to our Yoga classes will be the first step to improve your well-being and subsequently will have a positive effect on everyone else around you.  It will:

  • focus on posture and core stability/strength
  • increase your stamina and flexibility
  • raise energy levels
  • de-stress and calm your mind
  • increase body awareness
  • explore weaknesses/limitations and strengths

Class Format
All sessions are drop in classes - just come along. 
Class themes vary from one session to the next to prevent complacency and to give students constant challenges and goals to strive for.
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • VInyasa Flow (sequenced postures)
  • Balances
  • Mat Work
  • Relaxation/Meditation
What do I need?  
Comfortable clothing, practise on an empty stomach, bring a mat if you have one. 

Fee:  How much does it cost?
Up to £10 per session or £ 95 x 10 sessions 
If a session is missed, the prepaid fee can be carried forward to the next class (no more than 3 weeks).  

Why wait?
Get ready now to transform yourself and discover the Power of Yoga!

About the teacher 
Babs' Yoga approach is unique

Her down-to-earth instruction invites students to discover their potential.

Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy ensures a safe practice.

Instructions are clear and alignment is corrected if required.

Every class offers new opportunities to explore your capabilities, limitations and strengths.  Classes are suitable for any age or fitness level. It is the perfect program from the beginner to the more advanced student.

What people say:

'Babs is a truly inspirational teacher and her knowledge and ability to adapt to her students never ceases to amaze me! I am grateful to have found her.'

'I have tried out many Yoga teachers over the years, but I find Babs by far the best for me.  Her passion and personality make her classes special. She seems to instinctively know what her students need and teaches with compassion and empathy. She is a true Yogini'.

Vinyasa Yoga Class Schedule

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