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Pregnancy Yoga

What is Pregnancy Yoga?
The ideal practice to promote well-being, which has been specifically designed to meet the changing needs of pregnant women.  It is a holistic therapy involving exercises, effective breathing techniques and relaxation methods.   Babs' classes are recommended by local midwives, doctors and children’s centres. 

We also run Birth Preparation Workshops for Mums and birthing partners in collaboration with a highly experienced senior midwife. Private birth preparation is also available.

Why Pregnancy Yoga?
There a numerous benefits of Yoga during and after pregnancy, some of which are:
  • boosting energy levels
  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • promoting restful sleep
  • keeping the body supple and strengthening muscles
  • maintaining a healthy back and pelvic floor
  • relieving common minor disorders of pregnancy
  • promoting early bonding with the baby
Class Format
Pranayama (breathing techniques for labour and birth), Yoga Postures,  Balances, Mat Work and Relaxation. Classes are informal  and provide a supportive environment, where women can share their experiences and meet new friends.

What do I need?  
A mat/blanket and 3 cushions/pillows to ensure your comfort for relaxation. Email us before so we can forward the health questionnaire which you need to bring with you.

Fee:  £10 per session
This session is a drop in class - just come along.  

The sooner you start
to prepare your body and mind
for labour and birth, the

more positive you will feel

About the teacher
Babs holds a Birthlight Diploma for Ante-and Postnatal Yoga and has worked as a qualified Yoga and Fitness Instructor for many years.  Having her own children, Babs fully understands your anxieties and needs.  She provides a safe, nurturing environment to prepare you for labour and birth. 

What people say:

'I loved your yoga classes and they helped me sail through a problem-free pregnancy - especially considering I usually really struggle with back problems. - thank you.'  
Laura H
'The midwife said it was a text book delivery and I am sure a lot of it is down to knowing what to expect and what to do from all your useful advice at the yoga and the birth preparation class. Thank you again.'

Pregnancy Yoga Class Schedule

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