My name is Babs and I am pleased you've decided to visit.

To me Yoga is a never-ending exploration of the body, mind and spirit. More than just an enjoyable physical practice, it is also a path to discover our inner power. By cultivating self awareness, we are able to connect to what is happening inside and become mindful of the present moment.

Yoga means to let go of ego & limitations and learn to uncover our true self. Only then can we begin to lead a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life, which will positively affect everyone around us.

That is the true power of yoga!

I teach:

Classes, workshops and retreats. I like to offer more than just a physical practice and hope to bring awareness to your inner world so you too can experience yoga as it is meant to be – as a union of body, mind and spirit.

I provide:

Private tuition if you need help with physical/health issues or simply cannot get to a class. I create personal programmes to address individual needs. Most importantly 1-2-1 sessions offer you an opportunity for some much needed β€˜me’-time.

I support parents:

Pregnant Mums learn how to prepare both physically and mentally for labour and birth. Partners learn how to be supportive and share the experience. After birth, mothers can spend quality time with their babies, whilst getting back into shape.

The purpose of our life is to be happy!

Dalai Lama

My Background - click the arrow if you're interested

Fitness has been a way of life for me as long as I can remember. I taught gymnastics and dance as a teenager and left Germany aged 18 to study in England. I travelled extensively as a professional dancer and when it was time to settle down, trained as a Fitness and Dance Instructor. After years in the industry I eventually realised that I needed more balance and something holistic to look after myself – I discovered Yoga. It soon became evident that there was more to Yoga than just physical practice in a calm and peaceful environment.

I qualified and with inspiration from the likes of Shiva Rea, David Sye and Katie Appleton, I developed my own unique style. My skills now encompass the wide range of ages that I teach - from babies of 6 weeks to my oldest student, who is now 81! I keep my classes diverse to make them an enjoyable experience and pride myself in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in Yoga and Fitness Science. When I started my own family, I extended my skills to include Pre-, Postnatal-, Baby Yoga & Birth Preparation.

My other vocation as a psycho-therapeutic counsellor helped me grow into an even more intuitive, emphathic Yoga teacher. I became fascinated by neuroscience, the interaction of psychological states & physical health and discovered the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mark Williams. I trained to become a mindfulness teacher and now also offer Self-development and Mindfulness Training.

I have been lucky to meet many amazing people along my spiritual journey and am now a regular student at the Spiritual University of Oxford - The Global Retreat Centre. Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation have given me the tools to live a more authentic, mindful and much happier life.

I want to share them with you, so you too can empower yourself to create positive change and live the life you want.

Qualification Summary

  • Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness for Addiction
  • .b Mindfulness Meditation in Schools
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Meditation
  • Yoga for Rehabilitation - Anatomy & Physiology of Healing
  • Birthlight Diploma for Ante-, Postnatal & Baby Yoga
  • Power Chi Yoga Instructor Certificate
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certificate
  • Diploma for Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Certificate in Education
  • Diploma for Health, Fitness & Dance

As a counsellor and supervisor:

I listen, support and facilitate positive change in a safe, friendly environment. I offer open ended, individual counselling as well as supervision for other counsellors in my private practice.

As a mindfulness teacher:

We will explore a different approach to well-being and I will provide you with the 'tools' to manage stress and difficulties better. Learning how the mind works helps cultivate emotional balance, good mental health and promotes happiness. Like a ripple effect this change will have a positive impact on your relationships with others and your self.

For further details visit www.innerfocuscounselling.co.uk